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Heidelberg Machine Inspections

Heidelberg Machine Inspections

Machine inspections have become an important part of our commitment to customer care. Helix machine inspections were developed in line with requests from our clients to deliver accurate accounts on the condition of equipment they already possess or are looking to purchase.

Helix machine inspections provide clients with a written report and photographs covering all major functions.

Our report will break the machine up into key areas, Feeder, printing units 1, 2, 3, 4 …12, coating unit and delivery. Those key areas are then broken up into systems, followed by a conclusion written by the engineer that carried out the inspection. (Subject to terms and conditions)

Machine Report Profile

Feeder   Printing Units
10 Spaced
  1. Turning Valve
  2. Lifting suckers
  3. Forwarding suckers
  4. Feed head drive shaft
  5. Feeder drive chain
  6. Feeder clutch
  7. Auto timing mechanism and chain
  8. Forwarding roller shaft
  9. Forwarding wheels
  10. Feeder tapes
  11. Side lays
  12. Infeed grippers
  13. Head lay
  1. Impression cylinder surface/Jacket surface
  2. Impression cylinder grippers
  3. Blanket cylinder surface
  4. Plate cylinder surface
  5. Plate clamps
  6. Inking and dampening rollers (Roller journals can be inspected at extra cost) 
  7. Condition of guards
  8. TRN 1 cylinder surface/Jacket surface
  9. TRN 1 cylinder grippers
  10. TRN 2 cylinder surface/Jacket surface
  11. TRN 2 cylinder grippers
  12. TRN 3 cylinder surface/Jacket surface
  13. TRN 3 cylinder grippers
  14. Any obvious pneumatic air leaks
10 Spaced 1
Perfecting System   Coating Unit
10 Spaced
  1. Pincer bar grippers
  2. Pincer bar cam followers
  3. Sucker bars
  4. Air blast tubes
  5. Change over
  6. Sheet size change
  1. Impression cylinder surface
  2. Impression cylinder grippers
  3. Coating cylinder surface
  4. Metering Roller
  5. Coating solution pump and tubing
10 Spaced 2
Delivery   Print Test
10 Spaced 3
  1. Bars and Grippers
  2. Chains
  3. Fans
  4. Suction slow down
  5. Opening cam
  6. Back gauge square
  7. Air blast at top of stack
  8. Spray powder unit
  1. Registration at side lay (Operators + Drive side)
  2. Registration at head lay
  3. Registration between units

 “There is no point in buying someone else’s problems – Know where you stand.”

Terms & Conditions

  1. A minder must be provided by the client for the print test.
  2. The client must provide test plates that have been approved by Helix Engineering Services Ltd.
  3. The client must provide paper that has been approved by Helix Engineering Services Ltd.
  4. The results reported are relevant to the environment and conditions of the day of inspection.
  5. Machine inspections are charged according to distance and time.
  6. Flights and transfers are paid for by the client.
  7. Accommodation for overnight stays is paid for by the client.
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